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Coastline College, a multi-campus community college, is located in the heart of Orange County, CA offering in-person classes as well as distance learning and work-based learning. The Coastline campuses are an educational and cultural hub for the region.

Coastline is focused on creating opportunities for success, providing a high quality, flexible education available to a wide range of students. "For over 43 years, students have relied on our long-standing reputation of meeting them where they are and our promise that they can achieve their educational goals from anywhere." -Loretta P. Adrian, Ph.D.

You can find a full description of the Coastline College President position and further details by going here.

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Lorraine Prinsky Board Member
Diedre Nguyen Community Member
Christine Nguyen College President Appointment
Deborah Henry Academic Senate
Elizabeth Horan Academic Senate
Lisa Lee Academic Senate
Roy Sahachaisere Student
Kevin Donahue CFCE
Daniel Johnson CFE
Curtis Williams CCCA/CTA
Dana Emerson CDMA
Chermaine Harrell CDMA
Angelica Suarez College Representative
Patty Franco Classified Senate